"You have started a movement."

***IMPORTANT - READ FIRST This is for entrepreneurs - people who have or want their own business - who want to: 

  • Finally put your big idea into action 
  • Have total clarity and focus on what you’re doing everyday (while you live your current life)!
  • Build confidence and healthy habits to manage your best badass boss life! 
  • Get a roadmap and guidance so you stay on track everyday!
  • Be surrounded by a group of supportive positive people on the same track to live their best life! 
  • I know you. You’re already working hard and don't have time to do it now...
  • I mean, who has time to focus on your DREAM GOALS??? 


What if I told you it would take just 30-60 minutes a day, meeting you where you ALREADY ARE (hello on Instagram, of course!) and you were held accountable and supported by a group of AMAZING people just like you, cheering you on?

  • AND to make it that much better, you were actually GROWING YOUR INSTAGRAM PAGE in the process?

THEN can you make the time?

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Does this sound familiar?

  • On the outside, things look great. But deep inside, you feel like something is missing. 
  • It seems like you never have time - things just keep getting in the way - family, life… it’s frustrating and you never get to where you are going. 
  • Deep inside you know what you SHOULD be doing, but for some reason, you just don’t do it.
  • One minute you're super inspired and on fire, and the next you sit in doubt...and maybe fear?
  • The thought of "marketing" yourself feels weird and you feel like you're bothering people when you do.
  • Clarity! Or lack thereof. You have a million ideas you know would be amazing...but don't know where to start, so you JUST DON'T.
  • Fear of judgement - you know you shouldn't care but...
  • You're SUPER creative and love BIG IDEAS - but the tiny details??? Tedious.
  • You find yourself doing busy work thinking you’re doing something but at the end of the day you’re like “WTF - I just wasted my entire day doing nothing and getting no where”. 

Nobody declares "I want to be average" when they set out to do something great. But in this world where BUSYNESS seems the only way to keep up, one day you wake up and realize AVERAGE just happened when you weren't watching.  

You don't need a vision board, you need a BLUEPRINT. A step by step plan to tell you step by step, what to do. It's like building a shelf from IKEA. It seems impossible in the beginning. But when you unfold the blueprint, it gets done.

"If you're running east towards a sunset, you will never get there..." 


This is about your DREAM GOAL, your true potential, and elevating your personal value.

The Master Your Money Code Business Breakthrough Challenge is about mastering YOUR code to success.  

This is about eliminating distractions, simplifying EVERYTHING and getting your personal goals DONE! When you know how to Master your Money Code, you know what to focus on, how to earn the money you want, and where to spend your time.  

Master your money code is a step by step process to master your confidence, your time and your personal influence so that you can finally move your ideas into action, feel empowered in your own being, and grow your Instagram the holistic and organic way.  

STOP SETTLING FOR LESS THAN YOU DESERVE. This is for entrepreneurs who believe in your own worth and are GOAL GETTERS (not just setters).  

 "I was like -"now I get it. I understand my worth and my value, and that I deserve to make what I dream of making on my terms." 

Join me and a team of experts Experts in the areas of Food, Finance, Business, Mindset, Fitness and Health So you can excell in ALL areas of your life while you're crushing your BIG VISION!

By the end, you will have:

  • A vision and a JUMP START on your big dream goal.
  • Total clarity and focus on your own successful path
  • Connection and support from a community of purposeful AMAZING people like you to cheer you on during and long after the challenge!
  • A solid, unwavering belief in yourself and your vision. No going back now!  

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"I'm not sure if I find enough words that can describe the mind-blowing experience I've had going through Shana's Master Your Money Code challenge... While I was struggling finding my purpose for months before I met Shana, if you struggle to find your message, don't know how to reach your potential clients or feel lost in the overwhelming process of building a profitable business. Shana is a jewel, she not only helps you master your money code but guides you through the process with so much warmth and heart, you're gonna start loving your own genius self!!!" - Andi Rondestvedt  

This is how we roll.

1. Let's have a love connection. Or at least a like one. This challenge is via Instagram and Email. Let's be friends I know - it's like high school - but hey, nothing wrong with getting back to the basics! 

2. It's a daily challenge. Literally. You are going to commit to giving your all for 21 days. It's 21 days to living your best life, challenging what challenges you, calling you out on your truth, and all the while, getting you past your stuck mindset so you can make money, make better decisions, and most of all, make friends with yourself the way it was meant to be. All it takes is a few minutes a day.

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